Barbara Bloom, Sacramento, CA
Kasawari Resort Lembeh Straits, Manado, Indonesia:

This is an amazing place for unusual critters. This was my 3rd trip in this area and there is always something new and exciting… and….odd. The 2 week stay at Kasawari Resort was tops…we all could have just moved in!!  Service, accommodations, knowledgeable guides, gourmet meals from a very extensive menu and the 70+ minute dives from sunup to way after dark was a diver’s delight. As a videographer, I now have too many hours of incredible video to figure out how to cut it down, what to omit… it is all so good and wonderful to share. If you have not been here, contact Carol… Pathways to Adventure Travel… she is got this one dialed in perfectly.  My favorite quote:  “I love this place!!!”  Barbara Bloom. Sacramento, Calif


Andy Ip, President Ample Technology Center, Inc.
Maldives… Feb-March 2010, Aboard the Manthiri

My trip to Maldives with Peter was fantastic. The Manthiri tailors mostly to American divers, and they cook American food if you ask. The dives in the atolls were eye-opener. The highlight was my many videos and pictures of Manta Rays, which I have attached a few. The dive master was young and tend to trust your good skill by diving mostly at 80-90 feet depth. Besides great dives, what impressed our group most was the candle light dinner on the beach of an island less than 10 minutes walk around. They tendered everything over from the boat; table, chairs and over 10 sumptious dishes. We also visited an island-village to get a taste of the local culture. Maldives is safe, great for diving and relaxation. I would go back. Andy Ip, President Ample Technology Center, Inc.


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